On the basis of the powers and duties laid down in the Act on Games of Chance (Official Gazette No. 87/09, 35/13, 158/13, 41/14, 143/14) and in the Rulebook on the Organization of Online Games of Chance at Casinos through interactive distribution channels (Official Gazette No. 78/2010), the management board of the company FAVORIT SPORTSKA KLADIONICA Ltd for betting and services, Zagreb, (hereinafter referred to as: Favorit) adopted on 10.01.2020 the following :



Article 1.

These rules govern the general rules for games of chance on slot machines and the general rules for table games of chance at Favorit Online Casino (hereinafter referred to as: General Rules of Casino Games).

These rules apply further to and together with the Favorit‘s General Terms and Conditions for participating in online games of chance (hereinafter referred to as: the General terms), where they do not exclude each other.

These General Rules of Casino Games constitute together with the General Terms and Conditions a contract between a player and Favorit.

Article 2.

The games of chance at Favorit Online Casino are games of chance on slot machines, table games of chance and tournaments organized through interactive online gaming sales channels on the Favorit website (hereinafter referred to as: Casino Games).


Article 3.

The participation in the game is possible by accepting and fulfilling the obligations from the General Terms and from these General Rules, by selecting the offered game options and confirming the payment of the game by free will of the player who confirms thereby that he/she is fully acquainted with the game mode and details of the game.

A participant in the game of chance at Favorit Online Casino is a signed in and successfully registered player who has started the Casino Game on the Favorit's website with a specific stake, payment of the game.

Article 4.

A physical person under the age of 18 cannot participate in the game.

Article 5.

To pay for the Casino game, the player has to double confirm the desired transaction through the option of selecting or accepting the price, i.e. the stake to participate in a particular game and then the options to start the game.

Once a game payment transaction has been completed, it cannot be cancelled.


Article 6.

The games of chance at Favorit Online Casino are the games played by players through the interaction with the system, and are simulations of games played by players against casinos at slot machines or tables or against each other at tables with balls, cards or dice in accordance with international rules.

The games of chance on slot machines have simulation behaviour equal to the expected behaviour of a physical slot machine for games of chance.

The table games of chance have simulation behaviour equal to the expected behaviour of table games at a physical casino.

Article 7.

For each individual casino game, the player is offered the option of playing a real or a trial (demo) game. In the real game, the player can earn the specified winnings, while in the trial game the player cannot earn the specified winnings. Playing a trial game is not considered as participating in a game of chance.

Article 8.

Each casino game offers the information related to the game description, stakes and the meaning of individual symbols for games on the slot machines, winnings, instructions on how to play and other details related to the game and how the game is played.

The player can choose different modes of playing the game from the offered options of each game by choosing the amount of the stakes, denomination, number of lines, duplication, automatic game and others.


Article 9.

The price range for the participation in the game is determined by Favorit. The player chooses the price (stake) of each game within the offered range.

The stake in a particular game can be realized by transferring the value of money or bonuses into points, coins, lines, credits, etc. depending on the game, and according to the indicated relations and denominations.

The stake in a single table game can be earned by placing chips according to the indicated denominations at one or more playing areas depending on the options offered.


Article 10.

The scheme of winning combinations is displayed as a graphical representation of each game.

The result of each game is displayed as a part of its graphical representation.

Article 11.

Slot machines for games of chance are designed, i.e. tuned in such a way that at least 80% of the value of payments for the participation in the games of chance is paid out to players on the total number of programmed combinations, with entries and exits being recorded.

Each game has a theoretical player return (RTP) displayed with the game.

All game results are generated independently and randomly by a certified Random Number Generator.

Actual return to players is calculated as total winning/total payment, but on a large number of games played.

Instant return to players can vary greatly in both directions, due to the larger statistical variations that occur on fewer games.

Random Number Generator is a certified device that generates, based on random samples, completely independent and unpredictable sets of numbers or symbols that are evenly distributed within defined boundaries.

Casino games and Random Number Generator have been certified by an independent, certified laboratory approved by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia.


Article 12.

The player acquires the right to the winnings when he gets any of the combinations determined in the game according to the winning combination scheme pursuant to these General Rules of Casino games.

The winnings earned by the player in the game are credited to his Online account, i-account.

In the event of a technical malfunction of the system, all payments and payments related to ongoing games are cancelled.

In the case of winnings received based on a technical error, Favorit reserves the right not to pay the winnings to the player, but shall return the stake to the player.

Favorit is not responsible for any loss or damage caused to the player as a result of a failure of the system, communication or equipment beyond the control of Favorit (force majeure).

Article 13.

Favorit reserves the right to determine various types of Jackpot winnings (e.g. mistery, guaranteed, progressive, group, etc.)


Article 14.

All disputes arising from participation in Casino Games are subject to the jurisdiction of the Local Court in Zagreb.

Article 15.

These Rules shall enter into force on the day of their public announcement on the website of the organizer following the prior approval of the Ministry of Finance.

In Zagreb, 10.01.2020



Ante Biočić